A New Home

Oct 28th was my last day at HPE, which, as I wrote back in Oct, started a hunt for a new place to hang my professional hat.

Before I go any further, I’d like to thank everyone who reached out to me or helped me in my search for a new position. Whether you had a lead, contacted me to offer support, or just signal boosted the fact I was looking, I am grateful. The amount of support I got was humbling, overwhelming, and, quite frankly, unexpected. So thanks to all of you.

I talked to a lot of great companies. After making a really difficult choice, I’m happy to say that I’ve found a role that checks all of my wish list items: a great team that produces an impressive product and that values my open source work and is willing to allow me to continue working on it.

On Dec 19th, I started working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the AWS SDK for Python team.

Many folks are aware that my previous job allowed me to work full time on Python’s packaging, splitting my time between projects like PyPI and pip. Well, I am happy to say that AWS is going to allow me to continue to work on those projects. I’ll spend two dedicated work days every week improving Python’s packaging toolchain. I’ll spend the other three days working on projects like Boto3, Botocore, and Boto and the AWS CLI.